Farm fresh to your door means that you don't pay for the retail mark-up, while the time, transport, and emissions to get them to you are cut in half!

Love and Care,
One Stem at a Time

While you love and care for the people around you, FloretCo makes sure that your blooms meet the highest quality standards: for people and for the planet.

We only work with farms that are as passionate as we are about taking care of the people and the planet. All our flowers are Rainforest Alliance Certified, our packaging compostable and recyclable, and we strive to ensure that our farmers are healthy and happy. We strive for environmental sustainability and continuously seek to improve for all those that work with us, including our customers!

Most flowers go through an exhausting process in order to get to your door. After they're cut at the farms, they are transported to importers in Florida. Then, they are transported in cooled trucks to wholesale facilities, where they get picked through by hundreds of florists. Then they are again transported to the shop, where they wait for a sale. Finally, they are delivered to you: exhausted after the temperature changes, and weeks old.

FloretCo aims to remove the "middle-men" of the floral industry. Because of this, you get your flowers without the mark-up, with better quality and a longer life span.

The FloretCo Difference


Conscious and Sustainable Growth

Your flowers are grown and cut fresh at farms that care as much about sustainability and the environment as we do. 


Quality Check

Your blooms go through a quality check to ensure freshness. We then distribute your blooms based on each of our customers needs, wrapped and ready to be delivered.  


Delivered Straight to You

Your fresh flowers get delivered to the designated address, ready to be adored!


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