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Creating A Positive Environment Impact With FloretCo

Creating A Positive Environment Impact With FloretCo

FloretCo on 12th Oct 2022

The market is always changing, but the impact of flowers goes far beyond aesthetics and seasonal trends. Flowers add a splash of color, a burst of aroma, and a brush stroke of texture to our lives. They can take even the most mundane moments and create special ones.

We buy flowers from a variety of growers including local farms, directly from brokers and family-owned businesses.
FloretCo imports fresh flowers from all over the world. After years of working with flower farms around the world, we saw how differently cut flowers were handled by other American companies compared to our own standards.
Sourcing for freshness at a fair price is one thing but handling them properly once they have been imported into the US poses another challenge. FloretCo utilizes technology to source responsibly, efficiently and minimize waste creating a positive environmental impact.

We're not just a model company, we're life-changing. We sift through the earth in search of the best flowers from around the world to bring back and serve to all who love them. "But it's more than an exciting job for us—it is a passion."
Adjusting supply to demand, FloretCo ships fresh bundles to 150+ customers each week.

In order for this process to run smoothly, much focus has been placed on improving efficiencies in their importation operations which reduces fuel usage by up 75% when compared with other distributors. In less time spent at airports there are fewer wasted flowers due to wilting while awaiting travel documents, reduced carbon emissions impacts of flights full of unloaded freight containers and greenhouse gasses associated with producing airfreight packaging materials that aren't used until cargo arrives at its destination port.
This advanced technology helped.