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10 Reasons Why You Should Order From Local Florists

10 Reasons Why You Should Order From Local Florists

FloretCo Design Team on 4th Feb 2021

1. Local Florists Deliver the Freshest Flowers

Today, more than ever before, people are looking to buy fresh, local and sustainable products. Today, people are also looking to buy from small businesses, like florists and floral designers. According to a study by the Consumer Horticultural Council (CHC), the buying public has full trust in local florists and in direct communication with their customers.

Our research shows that you can trust florists. Nearly 80% of all respondents said that it was "quite or very likely" that local florists provide fresh flowers every day.

2. You're supporting your local communityWhen you order flowers from a local florist, you're supporting a small business in your community. This is especially important in today's economy, where it's becoming more and more difficult for small businesses to survive. By ordering flowers from a local florist, you're ensuring that this business will stay afloat, and you may even get better service because the florist will appreciate your support!

3. You'll get unique, one-of-a-kind arrangements
Florists have access to more unique flower varieties than big box stores do, so you can get an arrangement that's truly unique and special.
4. You'll help keep your town vibrant
Local businesses like florists add vitality and character to small towns and villages - something that's becoming increasingly rare in today's world.
5. You can often get same-day delivery from local florists
Ordering local allows you to usually get same day delivery as the florist is located right in your community, rather than ordering from bigger retailers who often can't guarantee an exact deliver date.
6. Florists are more likely to use locally grown flowers and plants in their arrangements
Local florists also buy local to guarantee the freshest blooms possible in every arrangement.
7. Supporting your local florist helps keep money in your community's economy
It's a well known fact that money raised by small businesses stays in the community helping build and support better neighborhoods.
8. Local florists often provide excellent customer service, and they're always happy to help with special requests or custom orders
Unlike floral wire services, local florists offer better customer service and have better control over the quality of their products ensuring that the customer is always satisfied.
9. Florists typically have a better understanding of the seasons and which flowers are in bloom during different times of the year, so you can be sure to get the most beautiful arrangements possible
10. Local florists often have unique arrangements and options that you can't find elsewhere. If you're looking for a special or unique arrangement, it's best to go to a local floris